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Esper Expands Its Next-Gen Device Management Platform to Support iOS Devices

February 12, 2024 — Bellevue, W.A. — Today, Esper, a leader in device management solutions, announced support for devices running Apple iOS and iPadOS. This capability builds on Esper’s industry-leading device management solutions for Android. Esper’s platform provides a single pane of glass solution that revolutionizes the way companies manage mixed fleets of iOS and Android devices, offering the same tools and workflows across both operating systems.

“Esper’s expertise is unparalleled in Android device management and we saw a gap in the management of business critical iOS devices. We wanted to reproduce the experience we provide for Android across multiple operating systems,” said Yadhu Gopalan, Co-Founder and CEO. “With Esper’s single pane of glass solution, enterprises, regardless of vertical or use case, can choose the mix of devices that best meet their business needs.” 

iOS and Android devices are indispensable tools across multiple industries, with many enterprises opting for a mixed fleet to leverage the specific strengths of both operating systems. The choice to leverage devices across multiple operating systems often comes with a cost: the complex challenge of delivering a unified device experience while juggling different device management platforms and workflows. With the expansion of Esper’s platform to support iOS devices, customers now have a solution to that very problem.

Esper provides unified control in one platform with flexible device provisioning, easy configuration, and dynamic enterprise app management. Streamlining inventory management, enhancing guest services, optimizing patient care, or whatever your use case is, Esper's unified approach allows businesses in various industries to navigate the complexities of managing diverse and large fleets of devices with ease. Customers can use the same device configuration blueprints, drift management tools, app management processes, and more for both their Android and iOS devices. By using the same tool and processes across the entire device fleet, customers can focus on their core operations and reduce device operating costs.

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Esper is on a mission to power exceptional device experiences by revolutionizing the way companies manage their device fleets. Through advanced capabilities, such as remote management, Pipelines for software deployment, Esper device SDK and APIs, Blueprints for dynamic configuration, and Seamless Provisioning, Esper is leading the market beyond standard MDM practices into the modern era of DevOps for devices and beyond. Recognized as one of Deloitte’s Fast 500 in 2023, Esper supports some of the world’s most innovative brands in retail, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, education, and more. To learn more, visit:

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