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Keith Szot
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I am pleased to announce the availability of the Partner Control Center to select Esper Elevate partners.

As a provider of device management infrastructure, Esper has become the fabric for many customer solutions spanning everything from SMBs to the world’s largest enterprises. We have deployments on every continent (except Antarctica — working on that one), delivering on a multitude of use cases.

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Our Android expertise is deep, demonstrated by over 2,000 different device models successfully onboarded onto our system. We cover both dedicated and fully managed Android use cases, creating plenty of opportunities for the channel to make money. Plus, we are now rolling out support for iOS devices — iPhones and iPads.

Why do customers and the channel like Esper? For many great reasons!

  • An easy to use console that minimizes training time and support issues
  • Precise configuration of device fleets, which works for everything from small fleets to large scale
  • Support for Android 5 to Android 14; GMS and AOSP
  • Unbreakable, robust kiosk mode
  • Excellent app management capabilities spanning both Play Store on GMS devices as well as our flexible and precise app cloud
  • Industry-leading remote troubleshooting and control capabilities
  • Our advanced DevOps for Devices infrastructure
  • Complete developer tooling
  • And more…

Even with all this, MSPs, VARs, and solution providers face a particular set of challenges applying SaaS-based technology for the benefit of our customers. A tenant is a fundamental construct for providing a SaaS-based offering — it encapsulates the services and capabilities provided to a customer in a single segregated environment.

While that’s great for the customer, it can present an operational challenge for companies providing services to their customers. Suppose you have 50 customers, each using the same SaaS service. That means your personnel will need to access each tenant to provide services for those customers individually.

Technologies such as SSO (which Esper supports) can help, yet oftentimes, you are beholden to the login and authentication methods chosen by your end customer. Even if this can work for you, there is no “bird’s-eye view” that you can operate from to see the status across the tenants your company manages.

This is particularly relevant in the world of device management. Traditional MDM can be complex for SMBs, thus commonly outsourced to service providers. Even larger enterprises deal with this conundrum — for example, a solution provider that supplies Fortune 1000 companies with device management as a portion of their solution.

That’s where Esper’s Partner Control Center (PCC) comes into play. Through PCC, partners have one place (technically a special type of Esper tenant) where all their customers’ tenants are securely available. You have the view of the fleet status across all the PCC associated tenants and the ability to efficiently log into a tenant to perform services on behalf of your customer. 

Each customer tenant remains independent, so no data, device configurations, or users are mixed between customers. The concept of a secure SaaS tenant is preserved.

A vital part of this is a thoughtful approach to how your customers allow their tenants to be part of your PCC. How do you ensure your competitor can’t wantonly grab one of your customers’ tenants to pull into their PCC? What if your business relationship ends with a customer such that you no longer want their tenant in your PCC?

We’ve handled that in PCC with the customer needing to take action to associate an existing tenant with PCC and the ability for either party also to remove that association.

With PCC, Esper is making it easier for our partners to build good business using Esper’s device management infrastructure. We have more planned here going into 2024.

If you are interested in learning more about PCC, please join Esper Elevate, our partner program, and indicate that you’d like to learn more about PCC. It is an invite-only offering, so we will want to learn more about your business opportunity and particular use case. With that, sell on!

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Keith Szot
Keith Szot

Keith is the SVP of Business Development at Esper, the geeky force-of-nature driving efforts to build a robust community of device manufacturers and software developers to connect with our customers.

Keith Szot
Learn about Esper mobile device management software for Android and iOS
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