Esper Feature Spotlight: Bug Reports in Kiosk Mode

Kailana D. Kahawaii
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Esper Feature Spotlight: Bug Reports in Kiosk Mode

The name “kiosk mode” is slightly misleading, because all sorts of devices that aren’t kiosks run in kiosk mode. Point of sale systems, self-checkouts, interactive digital signage, and a lot more all run in kiosk mode to ensure that devices display an organization’s app — and in most cases — only that app. It’s powerful for both the end user experience and security, but it’s not without its own limitations for the departments that manage these devices.

One of the primary drawbacks of kiosk mode is that notifications are locked down. That made features, such as Esper’s bug report, a bit counterintuitive to use. Users had to switch devices out of kiosk mode and into multi-app mode to execute a bug report. Not only was this a meticulous process, but seconds count when a problematic device acts up in the field. Fortunately, that is a thing of the past and users can now initiate bug reports any time — even in kiosk mode.

Now, devices in kiosk mode will have the ability to receive a notification request for a bug report. Once a field agent accepts the request, a bug report is sent to the Esper console. From there, IT admins can work with field agents to diagnose and repair devices.

Bug reports for kiosk mode are currently available in Blueprints. To request a report:

  1. Find the device in the Console.
  2. Request a Bug Report.
  3. Accept the bug report from the devices, regardless of whether it’s in kiosk or multi-app mode.

And that’s it! To learn more about bug reports and how to capture them, head over to our Help Center.

This feature was included in the Esper Agent v7.9.3101 update, released on January 19, 2023. To learn more about this update, head here.


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